Casualty Loss Data

Advisen’s Casualty loss data is a proprietary relational database of information about casualty-related events that have or could result in significant financial judgments or loss to corporate entities. Our Casualty data includes litigated cases that are most likely to have been covered by a casualty policy.

Casualty Loss Types

Advisen’s Casualty loss data includes more than 75,000 events that have resulted from the following risks:

Services & Operations



Business Practices Risks

Transport & Shipping

General Litigation

Excess Casualty

Advisen’s Casualty data is particularly relevant for analyses involving Umbrella and Excess Liability policies as over half of the cases with non-zero disposition amounts exceed $1 million. Some entries are clash situations, some are catastrophes, and others are simply good examples of big, bad things happening. Most of these cases represent unpredictable clash incidents which can cause significant financial distress to companies and their (re)insurers.

Clash Events

Clash events provide underwriters, actuaries, and data science experts with highly researched, structured, and actionable clash events, which are model-ready. Our library of clash events includes noteworthy cases like Exxon Valdez, Chinese Drywall, Takata Airbags, Volkswagen Exhaust, and Toyota Unintended Acceleration.

Why Advisen Data?

Advisen has developed a comprehensive taxonomy that spans numerous types of casualty risks, facilitating a variety of uses for insurance brokers, carriers, and reinsurers, including:

  • Individual account risk analysis
  • Rating and pricing development
  • Portfolio analysis and monitoring
  • Predictive modeling
  • New product development

Want to Learn More?

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