Cyber Loss Data

Advisen’s cyber loss data provides a historical view of more than 90,000 cyber events – including clash events – collected from reliable and publicly verifiable sources. Each incident is linked to an ultimate parent company and includes the following characteristics:

  • Case Type
  • Case Status
  • Affected Count
  • Accident Date
  • Source of Loss
  • Type of Loss
  • Actor
  • Loss Amount
  • Company Size
  • Company Type
  • Number of Employees
  • Industry Code
  • Geography

Cyber Risk Loss Types

Advisen’s cyber loss data includes the following types of cyber risk:

Cyber Extortion


Data – Unintentional Disclosure


Data – Physically Lost or Stolen

Data – Malicious Breach

Privacy – Unauthorized Data Collection

Privacy – Unauthorized Contact or Disclosure


Identity – Fraudulent Use/Account Access


Industrial Controls & Operations

Network/Website Disruption

Phishing, Spoofing, Social Engineering


Skimming, Physical Tampering


IT – Configuration/ Implementation Errors

IT – Processing Errors

Why Advisen Data?

You recognize the importance of having cyber risk data at your fingertips. Here is why you can count on Advisen data.

We compile data from multiple publicly available sources that are researched by our team before being included in our database. Sure, it takes a lot of man-hours to do it, but we think having only one data source doesn’t give you enough data points, and we also want to be sure the data we include will help you make the most informed business decisions.

Our cyber loss data goes through a rigorous process of matching to known company IDs . This means that other financial and demographic information can be attached to the particular company record, once matching is completed. That additional wealth of information is highly valuable for modeling purposes.

Cyber loss data  should tell the full story of the cyber events that unfolded. Our database reflects 3 levels of cyber loss occurrences: (1) Incidents (multiple Events); (2) Events; and (3) Event Details. These 3 levels enable modeling of aggregation, accumulation, clash, and portfolio exposure.

Our proprietary cyber loss data is curated by professionals with a wealth of insurance industry expertise, so we understand the implications for the industry – and your business. We match every record to the relevant Line of Business coverage type, so carriers and brokers can associate the data to specific insurance coverages.

Advisen’s data goes through a rigorous quality assurance process, based both on pre-defined rules, as well as manual examination, to ensure records are classified properly.

What our clients say about us and our cyber data

Our clients have come to rely on our cyber data. Here is what they say about working with Advisen…


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