Advisen offers a range of products for insurers to assist in underwriting, pricing and ratemaking, product development, marketing and distribution, and IT and operations.

Underwriting Framework

Underwriting Framework provides underwriting and IT operations professionals with insurance underwriting tools that boost profitability, offer deeper insights, and improve efficiency in the daily underwriting work-ups on insureds.

Learn more about insurance underwriting tools in Underwriting Framework.

Loss Insight

Loss Insight provides multi-dimensional information for actuarial, underwriting, and claims roles on losses in this coverage sector. Loss Insight intersects complete industry loss event data with time series financial data to manage your portfolio profitably.

Learn more about insurance loss events data in Loss Insight.

Loss Insight StrataScope – D&O

Public Company D&O StrataScope provides multi-dimensional information for underwriting and actuarial leaders to make informed decisions about underwriting and pricing D&O risk for public companies. D&O StrataScope intersects Advisen’s industry-leading D&O case data with time series company data to provide insight into current historical D&O case data. 

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