Excess Casualty Loss Data Methodology

Advisen’s casualty loss data focuses on low frequency and high severity cases over $1,000,000 in value. Some entries are clash situations, some are catastrophes, and others are simply good examples of big, bad things happening. Most of these cases represent unpredictable clash incidences which can cause significant financial distress to companies and their insurers/reinsurers. Casualty loss data represents almost 20% of Advisen’s current overall collection of loss data. With over 750,000 total entries comprising $7 trillion in loss value, Advisen’s loss database contains loss data stemming from cyber events, factory fires, product liability lawsuits, securities class actions, and sexual harassment cases.

Excess Casualty Loss Data Methodology

This 10-page methodology document describes the factors and protocols that Advisen uses to capture, collect, and curate $1,000,000+ Excess Casualty loss data.

Loss Data Methodology Topics

This Excess Casualty Loss Data Methodology addresses the following topics:

  • Casualty Case Data Sources
  • Casualty Loss Data Organization
  • Casualty Loss Data Taxonomy
  • Large Casualty Loss Data Analysis, Applications, and Use Cases
  • Frequently Asked Questions