management liability Solutions

For the management liability insurance market

How does Advisen address market challenges?

Advisen provides a suite of products, data, and resources for the management liability insurance market.

Public Co. D&O Loss Data

With Advisen’s D&O Loss Data, you have the ability to identify new opportunities, power predictive models, and validate coverage recommendations.

D&O Underwriting Framework

Provide your underwriters with the ability to develop an efficient, custom, and standardized underwriting process and conduct exposure analyses to determine the risk factors for their insureds.


Management Liability Marketing Solutions

Advisen offers a number of management liability marketing solutions for the insurance industry. Reach your target audience by leveraging our vast community through webinars, infographics, advertising, and more.


Executive Risk Front Page News

Find out why industry leaders and executives rely on Front Page News to stay ahead and informed. Jumpstart your day with full access to hand-picked articles plus exclusive content from Advisen journalists and industry peers.

Management Liability Resources

Advisen provides free management liability resources for the insurance industry. Register for educational webinars, download white papers, infographics, and more.