10 Notable Train Accidents

Advisen’s casualty loss data includes 11,000 casualty losses of $1 million or more, with a total value in excess of $600 billion. Our loss data experts pulled together 10 notable rail accidents that illustrate the potential financial impact of such an event. The incidents highlighted have occurred across the globe and range from $37 million –  $572 million.

A look into the worst rail accidents

Losses from rail accidents in the last two decades have been massive, derailing operations and resulting in fatalities and injuries. One prominent rail accident is the derailment of a northbound passenger train near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which killed eight passengers on board and injured 200 others. The mishap resulted in numerous legal actions with known losses amounting to $295 million.

Another misfortune involving a train was the derailment of a freight train carrying chlorine gas in South Carolina. The resulting chlorine gas cloud killed 9 people and injured over 750 others. Known losses for the accident amounted to $375 million.

Read about these rail accidents and more cases of train mishaps in the 10 Notable Train Accidents prepared by Advisen.

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