Advisen’s Opportunity Scorecard allows you to access a vast pool of loss data to help you increase your bottom line. This powerful new solution offers you the opportunity to advise your clients the additional coverage they may need with added confidence.

What can it do for me?

Advisen’s Opportunity Scorecard points to LOBs where your insured doesn’t have the same protection as similar companies (based on their limits and loss events experienced). We combine your unique book of P&C business along with our proprietary loss data.

That combination provides coverage information side-by-side with known peer group losses so that you can illustrate coverage gaps quickly.

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How does it work?

The Opportunity Scorecard highlights three areas:

Upsell Opportunities

Lines of business with the identified potential to increase your client’s limit (based on peer losses larger than the current coverage).

Cross-sell Opportunities

Lines of business with no current coverage presenting an opportunity to establish coverage (where loss events have occurred within the peer group).

At Risk

Recognizing where your client’s limit exceeds known loss events and therefore the coverage may be excessive. This instills trust and loyalty, leading to greater client retention.

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Why would brokers use Advisen’s Opportunity Scorecard?

Brokers partner with Advisen in order to gain insights into their own book of business that they otherwise can’t gain. Advisen helps brokers capitalize on undiscovered opportunities for cross-sells and upsells in their book by aligning insured limits with known loss amounts from Advisen’s proprietary large loss data. Advisen has spent many, many hours researching loss amounts and has the bandwidth to match them all to brokers’ book of business – so they don’t have to.

What’s the process?

Advisen will work with you as a Data Share Partner to design a process for contributing data that is simple, secure, and automatically recurs. This will allow you to spend your time exploring opportunities returned to you in order to organically grow your business.

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