Using Loss Data to Win Over Clients

How can you use loss data to justify your coverage recommendations and help determine appropriate limits? When cie-june-2017-slides-150x112clients ask you for relevant loss examples, how do you respond and also further differentiate your brokerage services?

During this webinar, Advisen shows you how to leverage Client Insight Professional and Expert reports to show your client that you’ve done your homework. Benchmarking program structure against peer buying patterns is not the only way to help an insurance buyer understand relevant limits. Loss event data addresses questions like “How bad could this get?” “What types of issues impact other companies like mine?” and “Would these coverage limits adequately address the known loss events which have occurred?” Loss event data and a set of pertinent examples often proves to be a powerful force to get across the finish line.

This webinar is aimed at brokers and wholesalers though we expect that insurance buyers, risk managers, as well as underwriters and claims professionals may find the content very interesting.


  • Zach Boggs, Client Experience Manager, Advisen
  • Jack Combs, Client Experience Manager, Advisen
  • Colin Grigsby, Client Experience Manager, Advisen