Executive Interview: AXA XL’s Donna Nadeau

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The Intersection of Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Development in Insurance

Are you finding talent development is more challenging than ever in insurance?

Want to know how Diversity and Inclusion can help your recruit top insurance talent and retain employees?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that nearly half of the current insurance industry workforce will retire in the coming decade. What’s more, industry research has found that only 4% of millennials are interested in an insurance career. This puts immense pressure on the labor market in the insurance field.

Advisen, a Zywave company, spoke to Donna Nadeau, AXA XL’s chief underwriting officer about the current talent landscape, her approach to talent and career development, her own experience as a leader, and AXA XL’s Diversity and Inclusion work.

Download the interview with Nadeau covering these questions:

• How would you characterize the current talent landscape in the insurance industry?

• How do diversity and inclusion fit into conversations about recruiting new talent and retaining employees?

• What are the advantages of having a diverse workforce and underwriting staff?

• What is your approach to talent development?