Big Nasty Claims: What are the large loss trends in casualty?

June 12, 2018 11:00 AM EDT

Mass torts and class actions with the potential to exceed $100 million are a constant challenge to a business and its insurers. Carriers, lawyers and other advisors need exceptional skills to manage these claims for clients.

Advisen hosted a Big Nasty Claims webinar on Tuesday, June 12 at 11AM EDT, which provided an expert discussion of macro loss, claims management, and insurance trends in the excess casualty arena. This webinar showcased statistics drawn from Advisen’s database of over 12,000 $1M+ casualty losses to focus on the 250 $100M+ loss events, and extracted the obvious and less than obvious insights and perspectives, which can be gleaned from this giant bucket of the nastiest losses.

This free, one-hour webinar was sponsored by Allied World.


  • Jim Blinn, EVP Client Solutions, Advisen
  • Paul DeGiulio, Senior Vice President, Claims, Allied World
  • James Minniti, Assistant Vice President, Claims, Allied World