Advisen hosts events worldwide for the global P&C insurance industry. We consistently deliver an audience that is 20% or more comprised of Risk Managers & Insurance Buyers, Brokers (20%), Insurance Companies (36%), Lawyers (6%), Service Providers (9%) and other insurance professionals (9%).

Upcoming Events

Jan 27,2021 - Jan 28,2021

2021 Transaction Insurance Insights Conference

January 27-28, 2021 At Advisen’s Transaction Insurance Insights Conference, leading experts in M&A and transaction insurance products will outline current trends in M&A, discuss the due diligence process and the types of issues that often come to light, and explain how those issues can be addressed, including the use of...
Feb 24,2021 - Feb 25,2021

2021 Cyber Risk Insights Conference – San Francisco @ Home Virtual Series

February 24-25, 2021 10am PT / 1pm ET The San Francisco edition of Advisen’s Cyber Risk Insights @ Home Virtual Series emphasizes technology, innovation, and the regulatory environment, all of which set California and the West Coast apart in the cyber risk and insurance world. This multi-day program brings together...
Mar 23,2021 - Mar 24,2021

2021 Casualty Insights Conference @ Home Virtual Series

March 23-24, 2021 Casualty Insights Conference is the premiere insurance industry event addressing today’s casualty risk management and insurance issues.  Topics will address managing casualty risk in a global economy. The focus of the program will be on the issues of greatest significance to risk managers and other insurance buyers,...
May 11,2021 - May 12,2021

2021 Cyber Risk Insights Conference – London @ Home Virtual Series

May 11-12, 2021 Advisen is bringing it’s acclaimed Cyber Risk Insights Conference series to Europe again in 2021, as a virtual series. This 2 day, multi-session event will address the critical privacy, network security and cyber insurance issues confronting risk professionals and their organizations. An expert faculty comprised of leaders...

Past Events

Apr 09,2013

2013 Cyber Risk Insights Conference – Singapore

Advisen’s Cyber Conference in Singapore brought together over 20 speakers who are leading Risk Managers and Cyber Underwriters and Brokers to examine a variety of key issues concerning claims, coverage, regulation, market dynamics and the needs and expectations of Cyber insurance buyers.

Mar 19,2013

2013 Casualty Insights Conference – New York

Advisen’s Casualty Insights Conference took place on March 19, 2013. To view the agenda, please contact us at

Feb 27,2013

2013 Cyber Liability Insights Conference – London

This conference brought together insurers, brokers, risk managers, and other cyber insurance professionals who are leading the way in the London and European insurance markets. We explored the wide range of risks companies face in the digital world, and examined the risk management strategies and insurance products designed to address...

Oct 24,2012

2012 Cyber Liability Insights Conference – New York

Attendees at the Advisen Cyber Liability Insights conference left with a solid understanding of the full range of risks posed by digital commerce and social networking, and a command of the insurance products designed to address those risks. They learned from top underwriters, brokers, lawyers and security experts. Leveraging Advisen’s...

Sep 20,2012

2012 Management Liability Insights Conference – New York

This conference focused exclusively on Management Liability issues for Private Companies and Non-Profits. Rather than high-level, hypothetical analysis, this conference aimed to put actionable information in the hands of practitioners. Effectively managing private company and nonprofit D&O exposures has become more complex over time. While brokers, risk managers, claims professionals and...

Jun 05,2012

2012 Property Insights Conference – New York

The butterfly effect, a central tenet of chaos theory, holds that a butterfly flapping its wings in Japan can affect weather patterns in the U.S. If that is so, it isn’t hard to imagine the chaos caused by the massive Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Businesses around the...

May 01,2012

2012 Casualty Insights Conference – New York

Effectively managing casualty exposures has become more complex over time. While brokers, risk managers, claims professionals and underwriters have new tools at their disposal to understand and manage this area of risk, the complexities of our globally interconnected business model and a more sophisticated plaintiff bar have raised the...

Mar 13,2012

2012 Cyber Liability Insights Conference – London

Our Cyber Liabilities Insights Conference in London discussed Cyber, Privacy, and Security risks from a Commercial P&C view. Advisen brought together the Cyber Insurance leaders in Underwriting, Claims, Brokerage and Buyers for one full day in London. Attendees were able to hear from 25 speakers via 6 panel discussions and 2 keynotes, and network...