Lowering Workers Comp Costs – Best Practices


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Advisen hosted a webinar that discussed the “tried-and-true” methods to employ to lower Workers Compensation costs.

On October 9, Arthur J. Gallagher’s Bob Walker, Amaxx’s Becki Shafer and Michael Stack, and Advisen’s David Bradford reviewed how organizations hone their pre-injury and post-injury procedures in order to significantly reduce their workers comp expenses. This is a free, one-hour webinar.


The following panelists participated during the webinar:

  • David Williams, Senior Director of Risk Management, California Pizza Kitchen
  • Mark Newman, Director Special Investigations Unit, Blackstone Consulting Inc.
  • Bob Walker, Executive Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher
  • Rebecca Shafer, President, Amaxx Risk Solutions, Inc., Attorney/Risk Consultant
  • Michael Stack, Principal, Amaxx Risk Solutions, CPA
  • David Bradford, President, Research & Editorial division, Advisen (moderator)

Webinar Topics

Topics discussed:

  • What should the realistic goal be when reducing workers comp costs? Can you benchmark the expense impact that the best organizations achieve?
  • How soon is too soon to get involved with a workers comp claim?
  • What is the best way to develop and implement a Return-to-Work program?
  • What are the essential aspects of employee communication around a Workers Comp claim, and how do the best practitioners exceed this criteria?
  • What strategies do risk managers and safety directors employ to get senior management commitment?
  • How are the leading experts in the field establishing the most effective training programs related to these issues?
  • What does an in-house SIU Director do vs. an insurance company’s SIU Director?
  • How does having an in-house SIU Director help the company’s bottom line?

Who Should Attend?

  • Risk Managers and Safety Directors involved in workers compensation claims management
  • Brokers and Consultants who consult or advise on specific aspects of cost containment
  • Producers looking to impress prospects with the latest strategies to stay on top of workers comp issues

The Ultimate Guide to Lowering Workers’ Compensation Costs

Purchase the Ultimate Guide to Lowering Workers Compensation Costs book authored by Rebecca Shafer or contact Advisen’s Merri Bastone at mbastone@advisen.com for more information.

The book’s topics are organized into the following chapters:

1. Workers Compensation Insurance Fundamentals
2. Cost Containment Basics
3. Training and Building Commitment
4. Roles & Responsibilities Best Practices
5. Reporting the Claim
6. Post Injury Response Procedure
7. Communication with Employees
8. Working with Your Insurance Adjuster and TPA
9. Safety and Loss Control
10. Wellness Programs
11. Return to Work and Transitional Duty
12. Other Indemnity Cost Containment Measures
13. Directing Medical Care
14. Medical Cost Containment
15. Fighting Fraud and Abuse
16. Rehabilitating the Injured Employee
17. Managing Prescription Drug Use and Abuse
18. Claims Resolution and Settlements
19. Federal Employees Compensation Act (Bonus Chapter)