At Advisen’s Transaction Insurance Insights Conference, leading experts in M&A and transaction
insurance products will outline current trends in M&A, discuss the due diligence process and the
types of issues that often come to light, and explain how those issues can be addressed, including
the use of transaction insurance products - such as Reps & Warranties, Warranty & Indemnity, and
M&A Tax Liability - so that deals can close.

Representations and warranties insurance, tax indemnity insurance, and contingent liability insurance,
as well as other risk management and insurance options, will be examined. Insurance experts also
will discuss transaction insurance market trends, explore the issues in selling the coverages, and
explain why this is one of the fastest growing segments of the commercial insurance market.

This full-day conference will be of value to private equity investors, risk managers and insurance
professionals who need to understand how transaction insurance products are making deals happen
today, and how the M&A landscape is likely to be transformed in the future by the increasingly
widespread use of these risk management tools.

Please note that we take lots of pictures at our events, and we post them on our website.

Full-time Risk Manager/Buyer of Insurance: Registration Qualifications

To attend any Advisen conference for free, you must be a full-time in-house Risk Manager/Buyer of Insurance at an insured only. This rate does not apply to consultants, those who take on this responsibility part-time, or those who are in the IT/Finance department. We cannot extend this offer to anyone whose principal function is not risk management.

We will no longer be taking registrations for this event. We are SOLD OUT!

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We consistently deliver an audience that is 25% or more comprised of Risk Managers & Insurance Buyers, Brokers (25%-30%), Insurance Companies (30%), Lawyers (10%), and other insurance professionals (5%).

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