Loss Insight StrataScope

Loss Insight StrataScope intersects industry loss event data with time series company data that provides insight into current and historical case data.

Loss Insight StrataScope Data

StrataScope draws on data from our loss database, which contains more than 400,000 global severity events proprietarily researched by Advisen. The data powering StrataScope is based on our fastest growing category of cases, increasing at over 100 per week.

The case data is related to Advisen’s proprietary time series company data set which describes companies with revenues over $1 million reaching back to 2008.

StrataScope allows cases to be analyzed by:


Type of Case


Data Source


Data Type


Event Year

The companies experiencing the losses can be segmented by:


Size (Revenue Range)


Industry (based on NAICS code)

D&O StrataScope Insurer Benefits

  • Underwriting early warning signs
  • Industry and attachment point strategy
  • Claims & reserving indicators

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Cyber StrataScope Benefits

Insurer benefits include:

  • Rating Plan Development
  • Underwriting early warning indicators
  • Industry and attachment point strategy

Risk Professional benefits include:

  • Promote risk-based approach
  • Quantify risk and prioritize mitigation strategies
  • Facilitate risk communication with management

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