Advisen and IronSDN announce first of its kind cyber readiness and responsiveness research study

NEW YORK – October 2, 2018 – Advisen today announced its strategic partnership with IronSDN to conduct a series of cyber readiness studies. Based on network security data collected within companies’ firewalls, the studies will aid cyber insurers in developing fact-driven underwriting criteria and pricing models, assist insurance brokers in advising clients on their cyber risk management and insurance needs, and improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing initiatives for network security product and service vendors.
Advisen and IronSDN will publish a series of reports based upon their findings. The reports will provide insights into critical elements of network security, and will enable subscribers to compare and contrast cyber readiness criteria by industry, company size, and region, as well as other factors. The reports will also quantify the relative cyber readiness of organizations that have experienced a significant cyber incident as compared to those that have not.

“We are very pleased to work with IronSDN on this groundbreaking research,” commented Dave Bradford, Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Strategic Partnerships at Advisen. “This analysis will provide risk and insurance professionals new insights into the impact of company size, location, and sector on cyber security practices. In conjunction with Advisen’s cyber loss data, underwriters, brokers and security product and service providers will have a powerful new view into the reasons why companies vary widely in their vulnerability to data breaches and other cyber events.”

“Utilizing our uniquely designed WhiteHaX solution for the cyber insurance industry, we can collect various data matrices related to the cyber-readiness of a business without impacting business infrastructure.” Vimal Vaidya, CEO and founder of IronSDN adds, “By partnering with Advisen, a well-recognized cyber insurance media leader, we will develop these studies using a wealth of cyber readiness, responsiveness and other related data collected by WhiteHaX. The results of these studies will help cyber insurers and security services/product vendors improve their products and services, as well as help them focus on the specific market segments for the most productive results and return-on-investment (ROI).”

Learn more about these cyber readiness research studies. For sponsorship opportunities for cyber insurance companies and infrastructure security product/services vendors, please contact [email protected] for more information.