Advisen & IronSDN Cyber Readiness Research Study

Every organization, regardless of size, is now susceptible to cyber threats and must take steps to protect against them. As a result, cyber liability insurance has been the fastest growing specialty insurance segment in recent years. Despite this growth, the question remains: how much better-off are companies who seek protection after a data breach?

In order to answer this, Advisen has teamed up with IronSDN to pioneer a limited series of two research reports every year that will provide much needed information across various industries and company sizes that have historically suffered cyber-breaches.

IronSDN, Corp. specializes in cyber-readiness verification solutions. Its flagship WhiteHaX brand of solutions are specifically designed ground-up for cyber insurance industry. Cloud-hosted WhiteHaX platform for cyber insurance, allows a quick, low-impact, low-cost cyber readiness verification of insured businesses remotely. WhiteHaX provides the insurer a level of readiness visibility of its insureds, while at the same time helps the insured business gradually improve their security-readiness posture through detailed reports and recommendations. For more information on WhiteHaX, visit


To gather data for these reports, Advisen and IronSDN will contact up to 40,000 businesses through an email and phone campaign to survey them. Those businesses that may have suffered a breach in the past five years and incurred cyber losses as a result will be compared to those that have not.


• Large, medium, and small businesses who may have suffered data breach and incurred cyber losses as a result in the
past five years – broken down by industry, vertical, revenues, employee count, and location
• Readiness data collected through WhiteHaX CybIns Verification platform


Key topics and questions the report may address for the cyber insurance industry include:

  • Top three cyber losses, impacted businesses, and their overall readiness after breach incident.
  • Correlation of cyber-readiness to such losses
  • How is overall cyber-readiness for companies who suffered such losses?
  • How cyber-ready are customers across a various spectrum of businesses?
  • What areas of security weaknesses cause the top three losses?
  • What policy questions should be addressed to understand potential risk of the top three losses?
  • Comparison of companies in report from best to worst cyber-readiness
  • How is the cyber-readiness across specific policy coverages?
  • The quickest ways to help businesses improve their overall readiness


For potential sponsors to offer free copies to their target customers, studies can be split across multiple targeted buyers.

  • Recommendations for quickest ways to improve cyber-readiness
  • Recommendations and suggestions for cyber insurers and brokers – solutions that can help minimize cyber losses.