Cyber Risk Analytics Webinar

cyber risk analytics webinar slide deck

Cyber OverVue™ is a cyber risk analytics solution that leverages historical loss data to generate a loss profile and benchmark analysis in one application, facilitating data-driven decision-making about the cyber risk of an organization.

During this webinar, Product Manager Aloysius Tan demonstrated how you can easily identify frequency and severity drivers with Cyber OverVue and discuss the implications.


Aloysius Tan, Product Manager and Cyber Expert, Advisen Ltd.

Webinar Topics

Topics discussed on this cyber risk analytics webinar include:

  • What is Cyber OverVue?
  • How does Cyber OverVue’s comprehensive scoring system work?
  • How do I easily identify frequency and severity drivers of cyber risk?
  • What kinds of business decisions can I make using Cyber OverVue?
  • How can I use Cyber OverVue to justify coverage recommendations and illustrate potential losses?