Use Loss Data to Have Winning Renewals

How can you use loss data to prepare for and augment your renewals? Loss data helps you justify your coverage recommendations and helps determine appropriate limits. How do you gather relevant loss data to reinforce your cie-slides-2017-09-14-150x112renewal proposals?

On Thursday, September 14th at 11 AM EDT Advisen demonstrated how to differentiate yourselves from your competitors by utilizing our large loss database to the fullest. If you’ve ever faced off against other brokers for new business or struggled to retain clients in the face of competing producers, then Advisen has data for you. With more than 400,000 large losses at your disposal worth trillions of dollars, we reviewed use cases and real examples of how brokers have been able to support their coverage recommendations to insureds.

This webinar is aimed at brokers though we expect that insurance buyers, risk managers, as well as wholesalers, underwriters and claims professionals may find the content very interesting.


  • Zach Boggs, Client Experience Manager, Advisen
  • Stacie Lilien, Event Content & Programming Manager, Advisen