The Digital Ecosystem – How to Manage Cyber Effects on Your Supply Chain

Webinar Date: June 20, 2017 at 11:00 A.M. ET

Businesses are investing heavily in assessing and testing their own cyber security strategy. But what do digital-ecosystem-slides-150x112you know about your partners, suppliers and service providers?

Although, you are less able to control their cybersecurity adequacy, you can certainly be better-equipped at influencing their level of protection and how much of a risk they pose to your business.

This webinar addressed why and how a company’s digital ecosystem is vulnerable to cyberattack.

TSC Advantage’s Will Durkee, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ Chris Adderton, and Advisen’s Rebecca Bole shared some pointers on risk management best practices for supply chain cyber exposures and discussed how insurance is addressing the exposures presented by the digital ecosystem.

Sponsored by TSC Advantage, this free, one-hour webinar responded to key questions: What are the insurers’ major concerns? What information do they require in the underwriting process? What’s driving their decision-making on providing cover?

Confirmed Speakers

The following panelists participated in the webinar:

  • Will Durkee, Director of Security Solutions, TSC Advantage
  • Chris Adderton, VP, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)
  • Michael Shen, Head of Cyber Innovation, Novae
  • Robert Rosenzweig, VP/National Cyber Risk Practice Leader, Risk Strategies
  • Rebecca Bole, EVP & Editor-in-Chief, Advisen

Webinar Topics

The following topics were discussed:

  • Understanding supply chain cyber risk management
  • Addressing cyber security threats presented by the digital ecosystem
  • Sharing of best cyber risk management practices

Download the associated paper

Download the associated Vendor Risk Management paper.