2018 Cyber Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Service Providers

From the well-publicized Equifax, Uber, and Yahoo hacks of the data of millions of customers to the many smaller cybersecurity breaches we will never hear about, the modern-day cyber threat is real. Every organization, regardless of size, is susceptible to these threats and must take steps to protect against them.

To effectively protect your business requires a multifaceted approach, which differs for each organization depending on their size, needs, and vulnerabilities. While the best fit for one might be a tech start-up that offers insurance, another organization might feel more comfortable working with their longtime insurer and broker and their recommended vendors. But what if no one in your network offers cyber protection? Even if they do, how do you make sure you are covered from all angles?

Through careful research and outreach, Advisen has compiled the largest single source of cyber service providers available into the 2018 Cyber Guide, which contains 163 cyber profiles from 10 categories of cyber service providers.

Cyber Service Provider Categories

  • Broker
  • Carrier
  • Cybersecurity Software Provider
  • Forensics & Cyber Investigation
  • Insurance Data & Analytics
  • Legal
  • Notification, Credit Monitoring, Call Center
  • Pre-Breach Cybersecurity Consultant
  • Public Relations and Crisis Communication
  • Training

This free e-PDF is a great resource for professionals looking to reduce the impact of an attack, or defend their company’s assets following a cyber event.

What’s included in a service provider profile?

  • Company description
  • Line(s) of business
  • Personal contact information of a representative
  • Optional entries customized for each line business (such as how many cyber-related claims a carrier handled in 2017 and the number dedicated cyber insurance underwriters they have)

The guide is formatted as a “smart” e-PDF file, which allows you to navigate through provider profiles by line of business or by alphabetical order. Email links are active, and a top button allows you to return to the table of contents at any time.

As cyber threats become more and more commonplace, it is imperative to avoid putting your business in jeopardy. The 2018 Cyber Guide can help you accomplish this by directing you to those best qualified to protect you and your customers.

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