Cyber Insurance Underwriting: What do CISOs think?

Webinar Date: Tuesday, March 28 at 11am ET

Cyber has emerged as one of the fastest growing lines of insurance globally cyber-insurance-underwriting-slides-150x112with over 70 insurance carriers underwriting the cyber risk of companies. But how does the security industry’s view about what makes a good or bad risk differ from the emerging consensus from cyber underwriters? In this webinar, panelists shared results of an analysis that compares the views of 10 leading Cyber Insurance underwriters, leading Fortune 1000 CISOs and the Symantec Cyber Insurance underwriting team. Sponsored by Symantec, the free, one-hour webinar revealed substantial disagreement within the underwriting community, as well as between underwriters and CISOs about how to analyze a risk. The webinar also explored new approaches to underwrite risk and ask meaningful questions in a constantly changing cyber landscape.


The following panelists participated in the webinar:

  • Tim Fitzgerald – VP & Chief Security Officer, Symantec
  • Jay Sarzen – Research Lead, Aite Group
  • Nikon Rasumov – Director of Product, Symantec
  • Chad Hemenway (moderator) – Managing Editor, Advisen

Webinar Topics

The following topics were discussed:

  • Underwriters vs. CISOs: Views on cyber insurance underwriting
  • New approaches to underwriting cyber risk