Risk Insight for Risk Professionals

Risk Insight provides risk professionals with insight into insurance pricing, losses, and exposure data on their business and industry. Supply the C-Suite with information and insightful analysis of risk. This knowledge is beneficial for roles in: exposure identification; risk strategy; risk, loss and claims management; risk financing; and risk administration.

Exposure Identification, Quantification and Risk Evaluation Benefits

  • Build expertise in your industry by understanding exposures, risks, and risk trends of your business, inudstry, and geography
  • Engage with the C-Suite and other staff on exposure changes related to your business with real-time news

Risk Strategy Benefits

Link growth and profit initiatives to risks to collaborate and communicate effectively with:

  • Executive management, division and subsidiary business leaders
  • All risk professionals in audit, compliance, legal, and technology to integrate risk management to the supply chain

Risk, Loss, and Claims Management Benefits

  • Understand loss exposure and financial impact
  • Identify and quantify potential unfunded risks
  • Benchmark loss performance to peers
  • Evaluate the severity profile of individual losses
  • Communicate trends and examples to the C-Suite

Risk Financing Benefits

Understand the changing environment in risk financing and transfer:

  • The evolving approaches to risk finance
  • The insurance industry’s posture toward your client’s industry
  • Track trends on insurance pricing limits and retentions
  • Validate suitability, cost effectiveness, and breadth of coverage
  • Identify opportunities for program advancement in light of a changing risk marketplace
  • Track insurer financial strength

Why Risk Insight?

Risk Profile

What are the high-level business exposures my firm experiences?
What are the risk trends of my industry? What are the top issues we are facing?
How do I identify missing or inadequate lines of coverage?
How do I keep my staff up to speed on the latest evolutions in risk management? How do I link strategies to risk quantification?
How do our risks impact financial performance and what capital should be allocated to the risks retained?

Loss Propensity

How large a loss is my organization likely to suffer?
What type of losses and severity have comparable peers experienced?
How are my claims likely to develop?
Is my current limit sufficient to cover a particular loss?
How will my firm’s losses affect financial performance?

Program Optimization

How does our program structure compare vs. market?
Am I buying adequate limits based on its exposure levels and risk tolerance?
Price & Risk Benchmarking
How do my rates compare to my peer group?
What are current rates in the market and how is my firm trending?

Risk Insight & Delivery Methods

Learn about the data included in Risk Insight as well as the various delivery methods.