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Quantifying Cyber Risk: How Brokers Can Add Value With Analytic Tools

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 11 AM ET

How can brokers assist their clients in understanding the effectiveness of their cybersecurity defenses and help them recognize exposure to cyber risk before it becomes a claim or realized loss?

Increasingly, brokers and insurance buyers are using analytics tools to identify the types of cyber threats facing companies, to help inform mitigation strategies and insurance purchase decisions.

Panelists in this free, one-hour session sponsored by CyberCube Analytics will discuss the value analytics tools can bring to the brokerage market in educating their clients about cyber risk and their associated exposure.


Oren Schetrit – Director of Product Management, CyberCube

Charlotte Anderson – Cyber Risk Analyst, CyberCube

Christopher Keegan – Senior Managing Director, Executive Liability, Beecher Carlson

Chad Hemenway – Managing Editor, Advisen (Moderator)