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Upcoming Webinars

Nov 06,2019 -

Cyber Risk Trends Q3 2019

On Wednesday, November 6th at 11 AM Eastern, Advisen will host a free, one-hour webinar which will examine a litany of cyber risk trends derived from our proprietary database of cyber events.

Past Webinars

Jan 24,2017

Cyber Risk Trends: 2016 Year in Review

What was trending in cyber risk this past year? On Tuesday, January 24th, Advisen will host a free, one-hour webinar that examines a litany of cyber risk trends derived from our proprietary database of more than 30,000 cyber events.

Jan 18,2017

Renewals Made Easy with Client-Ready Benchmark Reports on Demand

When it comes to preparing for renewals or client meetings, Advisen’s automated on-demand reports make benchmarking as easy as 1-2-3. Why do-it-yourself on our website or rely on colleagues to assist when a summary report illustrating premiums, limits, retentions, and indicative losses is just a few clicks away? Advisen’s...

Dec 07,2016

Understanding the Impact of GDPR on Customers and the Insurance Market

On December 7, Advisen hosted a webinar that addressed the likely impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation on the risk management environment in the EU

Dec 01,2016

From Silos to Energy: Achieving Efficiency Through Collaborative Risk Management Technology

On December 1, Advisen hosted a webinar to discuss how data-sharing platforms can create effective and seamless collaboration – leading to better data quality and risk analysis, as well as improved processes and cost reductions.

Nov 17,2016

Bundling Cybersecurity Protection and Risk Transfer Together: What are the Benefits?

With an ever-increasing need for cybersecurity, insurers and cybersecurity vendors are exploring new ways to create innovative product offerings. On November 17, join a group of panelists as they provide a closer outlook of these emerging relationships.

Nov 08,2016

Electing Adequate Limits to Change Risk Program Status Quo

On November 8 at 11am EST, learn how insurance buyers and brokers are campaigning for Limit Adequacy using Loss Benchmarking.

Nov 03,2016

Bridging the Gap on Breaches: What Makes the Difference?

On November 3rd, join a group of panelists to learn more about the security practices that can help reduce cyber risk across an organization’s networks.

Oct 13,2016

Quarterly D&O Claims Trends: Q3 2016

On Thursday, October 13 Advisen will host a webinar that examines the D&O claims trends for the third quarter of 2016.

Oct 12,2016

Advancing Analytics: Putting Risk Analytics to Work for Your Business

On September 20, joina group of panelists to discuss the importance of insurance analytics & how risk managers can start the journey toward using analytics.

Oct 04,2016

“The Overtime Rule”: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Company

On October 4, Advisen will host a webinar on how employers can be best prepared with the wage and hour tools and products that are available.

Sep 27,2016

Is it really possible to eliminate unallocated cash?

On Thursday, May 12 a group of panelists will share how major brokers and insurers across the globe are improving settlement efficiency and eliminating unallocated cash in the U.S. and global insurance market.

Sep 22,2016

New Ways to Evaluate Appropriate Limits

On Thursday, September 22 at 11am EST, join Advisen to discuss how Client Insight Expert upticks the conventional ways that limits are evaluated.

Sep 14,2016

Evolving Cyber Risks for Small Businesses

On September 14, join IDT911’s Eduard Goodman and Advisen’s Erin Ayers to discuss the steps any small business can take to address their cyber risk effectively.

Sep 13,2016

Regulatory Investigations – Reduce the Costs, Minimize the Risks

On September 13, join a group of panelists as they provide an overview of the investigative process, and discuss best practices for handling a regulatory investigation.

Sep 07,2016

Planning for the Worst: The Role of Incident Response, Before You’ve Had an Incident

This webinar seeks to help companies understand the best practices for developing an incident response plan and proactively prepare before cyber attacks happen.

Aug 18,2016

Creating Resilience in the Digital Frontier

Advisen hosted a webinar that focuses on what corporate decision-makers need to know about cyber security.

Jul 28,2016

Quarterly D&O Claims Trends: Q2 2016

Advisen hosted a webinar that discussed the frequency and severity of securities suits in Q2 2016.

Jul 14,2016

OnDemand Benchmarking Reports Make Brokers’ Lives Easier

On Thursday, July 14 at 11am EDT, Advisen demonstrated how busy producers are using OnDemand Benchmark Reports to maximize their time and client satisfaction efforts.

Jul 06,2016

Giving Numbers a Voice: Making Use of Cyber Data in Insurance

On July 6 at 11am ET, Advisen hosted a webinar that looked into cyber data trends and the role data plays in developing products used by insurers.

May 25,2016

Natural and Man-made Catastrophes in 2015 – Calm before the storm?

Join Swiss Re and the Insurance Information Institute for an overview of 2015’s global loss events & an analysis on what this could mean for the insurance industry.

May 19,2016

Does Your Brokerage Data Give You an Edge?

This Advisen webinar discussed how commercial insurance brokerages are leveraging their own transaction data to impact new client meetings, renewals & carrier discussions.

May 18,2016

The Fight Against Phishing: Avoiding the Lure Hook, Line and Sinker

On Wednesday, May 18, Advisen hosted a webinar that provided recommendations on how to effectively avoid phishing attacks.

May 05,2016

Driving Successful Claims Strategy with Automation Technology

On May 5, Advisen will host a webinar to discuss how automation technology can drive an effective insurance claims strategy.

May 04,2016

Cyber Lay of the Land: What the Numbers Tell Us

Advisen will host a webinar to dive in and analyze cyber breaches and identify ebbs and flows throughout 2015 and into 2016.

Apr 26,2016

Quarterly D&O Claims Trends: Q1 2016

Advisen will host a webinar that will discuss the frequency and severity of securities suits in Q1 2016.

Apr 20,2016

Going Beyond the Limits with Advanced Benchmarking Analysis

This Advisen webinar demonstrates how insurance buyers and brokers are using Loss Data to uptick their insurance program benchmarking.

Apr 05,2016

What Industry Trends Tell You About Your Casualty Program and How You Can Respond

On Tuesday, April 5, join a panel of experts to discuss industry trends on critical workers compensation and general liability claim metrics.

Mar 22,2016

Using Loss Benchmarking to Challenge Risk Perceptions

On Tuesday, March 22 at 11am EDT, Advisen’s Daniel Hobbs, Jeff Cohen and Dan Alvisi discussed how insurance buyers and brokers are using Loss Benchmarking to quickly augment their understanding of a given company’s risk profile.