2015 Transactional Insurance: A Practical Guide to Buying and Selling

September 2015

Advisen has released a comprehensive report on M&A deals and the important role of transactional insurance products in facilitating these deals. Backed by comprehensive industry data, as well as case studies involving contingent liability insurance, tax liability insurance, and representation and warranty insurance, this report is a must-read for investors, risk managers, and insurance professionals who want to be a step ahead of the rest when it comes to M&A transactions.

Transactional Insurance: A critical part of M&A deals

Transactional insurance products like representations and warranties insurance, tax liability insurance, and contingent liability insurance have been available for a while, but their use has increased recently as the value they bring to M&A deals has become more widely recognized.

This exclusive report takes a practical look at the dynamics shaping the transactional insurance sector today. It features the key facets of the M&A and transactional insurance market, including market size, buying patterns, claims analysis, and emerging trends.

Among topics covered in the report are:

  • The M&A process and due diligence
  • Case studies of M&A transactions – What went right? What went wrong?
  • How private equity works
  • Transactional insurance products – how do they facilitate a deal?
  • Insurance market size, by premium and capacity placed
  • League tables of the leading transactional insurance carriers in the US
  • The impact of claims on capacity and pricing
  • Buying patterns: limits, rating trends

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