Measured Insurance and Advisen Announce New Data Partnership

With cyber extortion events increasing rapidly, Measured Insurance is adding Advisen’s Loss Data to combat ransomware & other cyber risks

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 12, 2020 / — Measured Insurance, a ransomware focused MGA, is bridging the gap between technology and insurance, using analytics that track clients’ cyber risk exposure in real time. Their mission is to create smarter insurance products focused on the hyper-proliferation of Ransomware. Today Measured announced a partnership with Advisen to incorporate the industry’s largest collection of publicly-referenceable Cyber Loss events into Measured Insurance’s new insurance platform. Measured Insurance will incorporate Advisen loss event data into comprehensive cyber insurance and risk management solutions.

Protecting your company and remote workers from ransomware attacks has never been more important. With millions now working remotely due to COVID-19, ransomware attacks are increasing every day, and protection against malware which encrypts data or important computer files and holds them for ransom is increasingly critical.

“In an era of exponential technological growth, data is more than an asset; it’s the lifeblood of businesses. The insurance industry remains stuck in an analog approach to cyber risk coverage issues which fail to cover the true cost of a cyber attack,” stated Measured Insurance CEO Jack Vines. “Our RansomGuard® platform provides comprehensive, tailored risk transfer based on AI-driven analytics to calculate and cover your exposure in real time.”

“Applying AI-driven analytics and machine learning to Advisen’s detailed dataset of Cyber loss event and payment data enables companies like Measured Insurance to create algorithms which dynamically re-assess susceptibility and exposure,” added Jim Blinn, Advisen Executive Vice President for Client Solutions. “Advisen is proud to work with Measured Insurance and other companies who can leverage our vast collection of loss event data to develop innovative products which respond to critical commercial protection issues.”

David Whipple, CTO at Measured Insurance, commented, “The future of data-driven insurance means kinetic products that adapt to real-time changes in infrastructure and risk posture. By partnering with companies like Advisen and others, Measured Insurance will offer an end product which delivers a calculated calm that can only come from knowing you’re covered now.”


About Measured Insurance
Measured Insurance offers an analytics-based approach to cyber insurance, specifically quantifying specific exposure to ransomware attacks. We’re bridging the gap between technology and insurance by using AI-powered analytics that track individual exposure in real time to create smarter insurance products. Every policy is tailored to fit the individual client–clearly identifying pre-event exposure in seven main areas and customizing post-event loss mitigation services with real experts, real people, and real help if ever needed. To learn more about the future of ransomware insurance or calculate your own risk, visit