Renewals Made Easy with Client-Ready Benchmark Reports on Demand

When it comes to preparing for renewals or client meetings, Advisen’s automated on-demand reports make benchmarking as easy as 1-2-3. Why do it yourself on our website or rely on colleagues to assist when a summary report illustrating premiums, limits, retentions, and indicative losses is just a few clicks away? Advisen’s enhanced Client Insight tools – including Limit Adequacy, Loss Benchmarking, Placement Analytics, and indicative loss event data – export easily to Word docs which then get delivered straight to your inbox.

On Wednesday, January 18th at 11am EST, Advisen’s Zach Boggs, Colin Grigsby, and Jeff Cohen demonstrated how busy producers can use Advisen’s Reports on Demand portal to maximize their time and client satisfaction efforts. This free, 30-minute webinar showcased examples of report capabilities and success anecdotes for brokers who need fast and easy access to an independent, third-party set of policy transactions and loss data in order to review market trends and client-specific results


The following panelists participated in the webinar:

  • Zach Boggs, Client Relationship Manager, Advisen
  • Colin Grigsby, Client Relationship Manager, Advisen
  • Jeff Cohen, Executive Vice President & Global Business Development, Advisen