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Quarterly D&O Claims Trends: Q3 2014


Download PDF: Webinar Slides

Advisen hosted a webinar and wrote a white paper that examined the D&O claims trends for the third quarter of 2014.

On October 16, RT ProExec’s Kevin LaCroix, Advisen’s Jim Blinn and a panel of experts discussed the frequency and severity of securities suits in Q3 2014 and shared their insights on emerging trends on securities litigation.


The following panelists participated in the webinar:

  • Kevin LaCroix, RT ProExec, a division of RT Specialty, and author of the D&O Diary
  • Jed Melnick, Managing Partner, Weinstein Melnick LLC
  • Joseph E. White III, Co-Founder & Attorney, Saxena White
  • Jim Blinn, Executive Vice President, Information & Analytics Division, Advisen (moderator)

Webinar Topics

Topics discussed included:

  • Frequency and severity of securities suits in Q3 2014
  • Suits by type
  • Suits by sector
  • Merger objectioncases

White Paper: Quarterly D&O Claims Trends: Q3 2014

Download the white paper entitled, “Quarterly D&O Claims Trends: Q3 2014.”