Management Liability Awards

December 01, 2014
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Grand Hyatt New York
New York, NY, 10017
(212) 883 1234


Industry Person of the Year

This prestigious award will recognize and show the entire community’s gratitude to 3 key players in the management liability sector who – through dedication, foresight and leadership – have enhanced and developed the management liability insurance sector through the past year. The three honorees will recognize an executive operating in each of the USA, Europe and Bermuda markets.

Innovation of the Year

Successful entrants in this award category will be from any sector within the management liability market, whose specific initiative – including new service technology, IT development, risk management innovation, new product, or introduction of new parties to the management liability market, new capacity? – has significantly aided its development.

Best Claims Handler of the Year

This award is open to all firms who have teams in-house – or build teams from third party suppliers – to handle the notification, negotiation, communication and remediation of a management liability claim.

Best Policy Holders’ Counsel of the Year

This award is open to all legal services firms who represent policy holders of management liability products.

Best Insurance Carrier Counsel of the Year

This award is open to all legal services firms who represent insurance companies the management liability community.

Best Management Liability Broker

This award will recognize the efforts of a dedicated, innovative brokerage that has worked tirelessly in the past year to expand understanding and penetration of management liability insurance in the global marketplace.

Best Management Liability Insurer

The winner of this award will be an insurance company that has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to management liability through investment and entrepreneurialism, along with outstanding underwriting results.