Cyber Risk Awards

June 18, 2014
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The Grand Hyatt at Grand Central
New York, NY, 10017


Advisen’s Cyber Risk Network 2014 Person of the Year

Advisen's Cyber Risk Network honors one individual annually who has made a significant contribution to the Cyber risk community.

Cyber Risk Industry Legend

This prestigious award will recognize and show the entire community’s gratitude to a visionary who – through dedication, foresight and leadership – has enhanced and developed the cyber risk sector through their career. The winner of this award may be a technological innovator, insurer, broker, risk manager, lawyer or other service provider who has significantly driven the development of this sector.

Cyber Risk Event Response Team

For insureds in today’s global and digital environment, it is increasingly becoming a question of ‘when?’ and not ‘if?’ the subject of Cyber Breach is discussed. When the worst happens, the teams that offer the support to navigate their client’s way through the event are worth their weight in gold. This award will honor such a team from a live 2013 event example. Nominations are open to all insureds who have in-house teams or assemble teams from third-party suppliers to handle the identification, containment, communication, and remediation of a cyber event.

Cyber Risk Innovation of the Year

Successful entrants in this award category will be from any sector within the cyber market, whose specific initiative – including new service technology, IT development, risk management innovation, new product, or introduction of new parties to the cyber market – has significantly aided its development. The winner of this broad category will be a corporation or a team whose specific innovation has made an outstanding contribution to improving the way that cyber risk is managed in the past year.

Best Cyber Risk Team

Nominees will be highly effective technology, information security, or risk management teams who have made an outstanding contribution to the management and understanding of cyber risk within their organizations. The winner of this award will have demonstrated either a market-leading methodology to measure and contain cyber risk, established a new team to begin the process within their organization or adopted an innovative or pioneering approach to cyber risk.

Cyber Service Vendor of the Year

The winner of this award category will be a corporation or a team who has demonstrated leadership and innovation in providing technology solutions to today's top cyber risks. Nominees will have developed either a specific innovation in 2013, or will have demonstrated continued commitment to understanding and mitigating cyber threats in business.

Cyber Public-Private Partnership Initiative of the Year

The key to harnessing cyber risk in a global society is co-operation and collaboration. One laudable initiative in the cyber sector is the emergence of the public-private partnership to forge stronger relationships between two key protagonists: business and government.This award will recognize a successful public-private partnership which has either drawn together key influencers, driven tangible change in the way cyber risk is managed, or set an agenda that will drive the industry forward.

Best Cyber Risk Broking Team

This award recognizes the efforts of a dedicated, innovative broking team that has worked tirelessly in the past year to expand understanding of cyber risk insurance in the wider marketplace. The winner will have expanded the cyber sector either by a new sales technique or initiative, investing in teams of experts, or by having the best take-up rate in the market.

Best Cyber Risk Insurer

The winner of this award will be an insurance company that has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to cyber through investment and entrepreneurialism, along with outstanding underwriting results.