Driving the Cyber Insurance World with Data

As the availability of cyber-related data expands, cyber insurers and reinsurers have more information to factor into their underwriting and pricing. This topical webinar offered something for every participant in the cyber insurance world, from underwriters to reinsurers, down to brokers and buyers. Data-driven underwriting offers insurance professionals and their clients a more accurate view of risk and a better handle on aggregation. Understanding the type of data being used (and how), and then analyzed by underwriters also assists brokers in presenting their clients in the best light possible. Evaluating the most influential factors of risk can help organizations better manage their own cybersecurity practices.

Sponsored by CyberCube and presented by Advisen, this panel of experts participated in a one-hour webinar on the importance of data-driven underwriting.


• Oli Brew – Head of Client Services, CyberCube Analytics
• Erica Davis – Senior Vice President, Cyber and E&O Practice, JLT Re
• Tom Srail – Executive Vice President – Technology, Media and Telecom, Willis Towers Watson
• Erin Ayers – Editor, Cyber Front Page News, Advisen