Digging Out and Drying Off from Southern Deep Freeze

Thursday, April 22 at 11AM ET

The latest winter weather in Texas was historic. Prolonged below-zero temperatures crippled the state’s power grid. Residents and business experienced long power outages, which caused pipes to freeze and burst.

Hundreds of thousands of insurance claims are expected and the tally of insured losses could eclipse that of any hurricane the state has experienced.

Join our panel discussion as we discuss how this storm will affect the insurance industry and the potential liability claims against the power company.

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • How the insurance industry will look at this event – as an outlier or a warning?
  • What policyholders can do during the claims process and in the future to mitigate losses

Chad Hemenway – Managing Editor, Advisen (Moderator)
Albert Betts Jr. – Executive Director, Insurance Council of Texas
Dr. Louis Gritzo – Vice President and Manager of Research, FM Global