Wage & Hour Loss Data

Advisen’s Wage and Hour database is a proprietary relational database containing information about lawsuits and regulatory actions relating to wage and hour when employers failed to pay overtime to nonexempt employees, while the definition of “nonexempt” continues to expand.

Wage & Hour Violations

Violations of wage and hour laws are one of the largest employment practice risks that employers face. The rapid evolution of this exposure makes underwriting and pricing this risk a complex challenge for insurers. Advisen’s wage and hour database was developed to help address this need.

The law requires employers to pay employees for all time worked, which includes any activity that is part of the job or is necessary to perform part of the job before they clock in and after they clock out.

Examples include:

Travel time between jobs, time spent waiting between jobs, and work performed at home

Booting up computers, logging into computer applications, logging into telephone systems, and reviewing emails and voicemails

Donning and doffing unique protective gear and walking between the locker room and the production floor at the start and end of each shift

Time spent working during a meal or rest break

Advisen's Wage & Hour Data

The Advisen Wage and Hour database includes more than 145,000 cases with over $13 billion of financial losses. The wage and hour dataset is a subset of Advisen’s Employment database, and it can assist in product development and pricing.

Wage & Hour Losses
Financial Losses

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