CyberCube adds Advisen Cyber Loss Data to Enhance Cyber Analytics

Industry adoption of Advisen’s Cyber Loss data continues to expand

NEW YORK, May 30, 2019— Advisen Ltd. today announced that leading cyber analytics provider, CyberCube Analytics, has added Advisen’s suite of Cyber Loss data to its insurance analytics platform to support state-of-the-art quantification, modelling, and to control cyber accumulation risk.

Cyber is a defining risk of the 21st century, with cyber threats becoming increasingly complex and broad-reaching as the global economy relies on internet-connected technologies. As the global cyber (re)insurance market continues to grow, CyberCube’s analytics platform enables (re)insurers to maintain controlled growth: enhancing underwriting workflows, deepening cyber aggregation capabilities, and measuring the financial impact of cyber risk.

Pascal Millaire, CEO of CyberCube: “CyberCube’s deep bench of cybersecurity and insurance experts select the best sources of data and turn them into early indicators of risk. CyberCube has access to data from both inside and outside the firewall, building a uniquely forward-looking view of risk. Exclusive access to telemetry from the world’s largest cybersecurity firm, Symantec, and other data partners including Advisen, equips our clients to see trends before they become claims.”

Jim Blinn, EVP Client Solutions at Advisen: “Insurers are increasingly using Advisen’s Loss data to validate their pricing and ratings models for Cyber Risk. As Cyber premiums grow, third party models like CyberCube’s are gaining market support, and we’re delighted to see our data take on broader acceptance. We are pleased to have CyberCube’s accomplished team of cyber engineers harness this resource to propel their efforts.”


About CyberCube

CyberCube delivers the world’s leading cyber risk analytics for the insurance industry. With best-in-class data access and advanced multidisciplinary analytics, the company’s Software as a Service platform helps insurance companies make better decisions when underwriting cyber risk and managing cyber risk aggregation. CyberCube’s enterprise intelligence layer provides insights on millions of companies globally and includes modelling on over one thousand single points of technology failure.

The CyberCube platform was established in 2015 within Symantec, the global leader in cybersecurity, and now operates as a standalone company exclusively focused on the insurance industry, with continued access to Symantec data and resources and backing from ForgePoint Capital. For more information, please visit or email [email protected].


About Advisen

Advisen is the leading provider of data, media, and technology solutions for the commercial property and casualty insurance market. Advisen’s proprietary data sets and applications focus on large, specialty risks. Through Web Connectivity Ltd., Advisen provides messaging services, business consulting, and technical solutions to streamline and automate insurance transactions. Advisen connects a community of more than 200,000 professionals through daily newsletters, conferences, and webinars. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in New York City, with offices in the US and the UK. Visit to learn more.