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Cyber Security Data: How to embed analytics into underwriting workflows


Wednesday, September 23, 11AM ET

Individual risk underwriters need to make quick decisions on both the security posture of a company, as well as its attractiveness as a cyber-attack victim when assessing a submission. So, how do you find the relevant sources of data signals to contribute to a view of risk that is relevant to you? And how then do you incorporate those signals into your underwriting process?

This panel will discuss the data needs of single-risk underwriters and what relevant sources of signals are available to them. Panelists will discuss the merits and best practices in creating measures of a company’s cybersecurity posture and outline the processes used to incorporate this information into underwriting workflows.


  • Chad Hemenway, Managing Editor, Front Page News, Advisen [Moderator]
  • John Anderson, Client Success Manager, CyberCube
  • Jacob Ingerslev, Head of Cyber Risk, The Hartford
  • Tim Francis, Enterprise Cyber Lead, Travelers
  • Harry Metzger, Lead Cyber Risk Modeler, CyberCube