Changing the Commercial Property Underwriting Dynamic

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Changing the Commercial Property Underwriting Dynamic

Current commercial property insurance market conditions—brought on by rising property losses from natural disasters, surging rebuilding costs and a number of other factors—have highlighted the inefficiencies of commercial property underwriting, emphasizing the need for change. By innovating the underwriting process through enhanced data collection and technology utilization, those within the commercial property market could be better positioned to navigate its evolving risks.

This whitepaper explores steps AXA XL is taking to innovate the commercial property underwriting process to better serve insureds.

Important topics addressed include:

What are the serious consequences of underreporting insurance values during the underwriting process?

What are the risks of underestimated total insured values during the underwriting process?

Is CAT modeling still relevant in a hard market?

Is Risk Scanning the evolution of risk assessment for underwriting?

What will the future of commercial property underwriting look like?

What are the best risk management techniques to share with insured clients?

What services help insurers and insured build transparency and trusting relationships?