Big Nasty Claims

Wednesday, December 1st at 11 AM ET

As courts reopen after pandemic shutdowns, the trend toward larger verdicts and settlements continues unabated. Are $100 million verdicts on their way to becoming $1 billion? This team of panelists will discuss the following:

  • Latest examples of nuclear or larger than normal verdicts driven by social inflation and other factors.
  • Steps that can be taken by an insured, insurance carrier, defense counsel and appellate counsel together early on to help identify and defend cases with nuclear verdict potential.
  • The importance of alignment of interests.
  • The benefits and outcomes of utilizing a mock trial, including examples and lessons learned.
  • Utilizing jury selection experts who can advise on selecting jurors who better understand the trial process and outcomes.


  • Kevin A. Maloney, Senior Vice President – North America Casualty, Real Estate & Financial Institutions Practice Leader, Allied World Insurance Company [Moderator]
  • Shari Belitz,  CEO, Shari Belitz Communications, LLC
  • Timothy R. Capowski, Esq., Senior Partner, Litigation/Appellate Strategy & Advocacy Group, Shaub Ahmuty Citrin & Spratt, LLP
  • Robert F. Tyson, Jr., Managing Partner, Tyson Mendes