Are You Prepared for a Deadly Weapon Event?

Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 11:00 AM ET

We are approaching nearly one deadly weapons attack per day in the U.S., including the recent shootings in Pittsburgh and Thousand Oaks. U.S. companies now face the unfortunate reality of fearing an attack could occur, resulting in bodily injury or death of employees and/or third parties. The impact of a deadly weapons attack is huge. Companies can experience the loss of staff, suffer an enormous financial impact due to business interruption and face potential lawsuits for negligence.

While the insurance market is developing specific stand-alone products to address any ambiguities in traditional insurance offerings, how do these products assist companies in trying to prevent the weapon from making it into facilities in the first place and manage the crisis once the event has occurred?

On December 6th at 11 AM Eastern, Beazley’s Chris Parker and Lucy Straker, Firestorm’s Suzanne Loughlin, and Advisen’s Chad Hemenway discussed insurance solutions to this problem, including a collaboration with Firestorm, a provider of invaluable crisis management skills and expertise to companies.


• Chris Parker – Beazley Focus Group Leader and Underwriter for Terrorism, Political Violence and Kidnap & Ransom
• Lucy Straker – Beazley Underwriter, Terrorism, Political Violence and Kidnap & Ransom
• Suzanne Loughlin – Founder, Chief Risk Officer, Firestorm
• Chad Hemenway – Managing Editor, Advisen