Advisen Announces Cyber OverVue 1.3

August 15, 2018 – New York – Advisen today announced the release of Cyber OverVue™ version 1.3. This release incorporates customer feedback to deliver a more refined Cyber OverVue and includes the ability to illustrate worst-case cyber losses, global search capabilities, and improved reports.

Cyber OverVue v. 1.3 will enable clients to:

  • Identify worst-case scenarios with max values – Improve risk selection now that the largest known loss values for frequency and severity are expressed by maximum values on charts in addition to average, median, and standard deviation. Get a clear understanding of how big future cyber losses could be based upon historical loss experience.
  • Identify the largest exposures – By shifting our focus from average affected record counts to cumulative counts, Cyber OverVue v. 1.3 shows which industry peer sets have the greatest cyber risk exposure. For brokers and underwriters who need to assess relative risk, Cyber OverVue’s severity score points straight to crucial exposure variables.
  • Evaluate a global book of business – We’ve expanded search results to provide analytics on global companies and their subsidiaries by incorporating more than 10,000 cyber loss events for companies outside of the US.
  • Close business faster – Cyber OverVue v. 1.3 includes refined text references and adds supporting tables to make report outputs more obvious and easier to discern. The limit adequacy chart will now be followed directly by the limit adequacy loss detail table for better continuity and flow.

Learn more about Cyber OverVue or request a demo.