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How Organizations are Managing Cyber Risk in a Fast-Changing Business Environment: Marsh Microsoft 2019 Cyber Survey Results

Monday, October 7, 2019 at 11 AM ET

Concern over cyber risk is at an all-time high – 80% of organizations now rank it as a top 5 risk – but confidence in the ability to manage it is sharply declining. That’s a key finding from the just published 2019 Marsh Microsoft Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey, which revealed a strong dissonance between organizations’ view of cyber threats as a critical risk, and the non-strategic risk management approach many continue to take. The survey also looks at businesses’ enthusiasm for adopting new technologies, despite a lack of appreciation of the risks, and how increasingly interconnected supply chains raise the stakes for all parties. Cyber regulation is another area of focus – while business appetite is generally low, the exception is nation-state threats: organizations strongly want more government support.

Join us for a free, hour-long webinar sponsored by Marsh which will discuss this survey and its implications to the industry.


Joram Borenstein – General Manager, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft

Tom Reagan – US Cyber Practice Leader, Marsh

Kevin Richards – Global Head, Cyber Risk Consulting

Sarah Stephens – UK Cyber Practice Leader, Marsh

Erin Ayers – Editor, Cyber Front Page News, Advisen