2017 Gallagher Bassett Claims Satisfaction Report

March 2018

Satisfaction with claims management is a key consideration in the relationship between an insured and its insurer/TPA. Amid a sea of insurers available out there, a key question for risk managers looking for insurance is: who among the thousands of players provide the highest quality claims management services? Find out in the 4-page 2017 Advisen Claims Satisfaction Survey featuring Gallagher Bassett as the organization that risk managers and brokers identified as the best in casualty claims handling.

Top Casualty Insurer in Casualty Claims Management

Gallagher Bassett emerged as the top ranking insurer/TPA for primary casualty (auto liability, GL, WC) claims management among risk managers and brokers, based on the 2017 Advisen Claims Satisfaction Survey report.

The survey strongly differentiated among insurers/TPAs with factors such as “accessibility”, “expertise” and “choice of counsel” to separate the top-ranked carriers from the rest. A total of 560 risk managers were surveyed to find out the insurer with the highest quality claims services based upon a variety of claims handling “best practices”.

Risk managers and brokers were asked to identify the top three insurers for primary casualty claims handling. Respondents identified each insurer/TPA as their first, second, or third choice. Advisen then computed the weighted average of the three. The report features a list showing the top 10 insurers/TPAs ranked by their weighted average scores. Gallagher Bassett topped the list for all risk manager respondents.

Survey participants indicated that “good communication” is the most important attribute of a primary casualty claims department. This was also an important quality identified by brokers about their clients.

Read more in the 2017 Gallagher Bassett Claims Satisfaction Report.