2017 Year-end D&O Claims Trends Wrap-up

On Wednesday, January 24 Advisen hosted a webinar that examined the 2017 D&O claims trends. Advisen’s Jim Blinn and a panel of experts discussed the drivers of the frequency and severity of securities suits in 2017 and shared their insights on emerging trends on securities litigation.


The following panelists participated in the webinar:

  • Kevin LaCroix, RT ProExec, a division of RT Specialty, and author of the D&O Diary
  • Jim Blinn, Executive Vice President, Information & Analytics Division, Advisen (moderator)
  • Machua Millett, Managing Director and Chief Innovation Officer, Marsh
  • John McCarrick, Partner, White and Williams LLP

Webinar Topics

  • Frequency and severity of securities suits in 2017
  • Which companies are being sued and why?
  • Why are the costs of SCAS for smaller companies so large?
  • Mediation of claims is now a mainstay – what drives this and what are the implications?
  • Initial Coin Offerings – opportunity or impossible to insure?