Advisen Cyber Risk Awards: You had to be there

By Chad Hemenway on June 22, 2017

After a week of recuperation, it is time to reflect on this year’s Advisen Cyber Risk Awards.

Following this one-of-a-kind event each year we seem to share one overwhelming thought: That was great! The bar has been raised. How can we possibly duplicate this next year?

But yet, so far, we’ve done it. And the “we” referenced here isn’t just Advisen (although never underestimate the crazy amount of care and effort Advisen’s events team puts into this show; it is amazing). The “we” is the entire cyber community—the one Advisen is very proud to have a large part in nurturing.

Who didn’t love JLT’s Shannon Groeber? By the way, if you did not appreciate her brand of humor, it may not be a good idea to text her about it. They say there needs to be truth in a joke in order for it to be funny, and who could argue that was not the case having seen CFC’s Graeme Newman’s brilliant video highlighting the *stuff* cyber underwriter say. And if this short is expanded into a feature film, Tom Srail of Willis Towers Watson had more than enough casting suggestions. Speaking of the terminology in cyber, Jeremy Gittler of XL Catlin pointed out how certain cyber phrases could be taken a tad out of context. It’s probably not a good idea to mention them during a date.

Some reading this might feel an emptiness in their stomachs, that twinge you get when you know you’ve missed something. The kids today call it FOMO. You just slam your fist down on the desk. Your office neighbor raises his eyebrows and looks in your direction, listening as you repeat, “Why? Whhhyy? I don’t get any of the references in the last paragraph—#@%$!”

There’s always next year.

Convince your supervisor to buy a table. There is only so much room at John Mullen’s. In the meantime, here are some pictures from the show this year.

Mullen’s firm was a winner this year, in a new category for Cyber Law Firm of the Year. We added a couple other new categories for the June 14 awards. Allianz won for Cyber Newcomer and Munich Re for, you guessed it, Cyber Reinsurer. You see, this brainchild of a cyber awards show evolves. We just don’t sit on our thumbs here at Advisen. In fact, next year Jeff Cohen may livestream our version of Fashion Police (if he can get a sponsor).

Here is a list of the rest of the winners (some surprises)

The thing that impresses me most—and makes me happy—are the reactions when our Editor-In-Chief Rebecca Bole finally, and oh so eloquently in the finest of British accents, announces the winners. Tables at once explode with cheers and hugs and high-fives. These awards mean something to you, and that is very satisfying to know. Some were hiding a hint of anger after not winning. There is no doubt this is a party for people in this little cyber-risk universe, but it’s more than that. It is a bit of tangible and well-deserved recognition from peers, partners and patrons. And that’s simply nice to get.

I truly enjoy being a part of this night. The cyber community is unlike most. It’s nice to watch how competitors can have a drink and laugh with each other. It is fun to watch introductions being made—the infancy of a possible business interaction take place. And it’s good to see people being able to dress up, kick back, take a load off, and forget about the massive, cataclysmic cyber aggregation risk chasing each and every one of them as if it was a guy in an old hockey mask.

But seriously: this cyber stuff…I don’t know everything but I know you all work hard to try to come up with some real insurance and risk management solutions. It is not easy. We recognize and respect that.

So congrats to all of you. Your work—transparent laptop trophy or not—does not go unrecognized. But damn, that thing would look nice on one of those laminate shelves in your office, wouldn’t it?


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