Advisen Introduces Underwriting Framework

Advisen introduces Underwriting Framework

For underwriters to efficiently manage their policy submission process

NEW YORK, April 3, 2017 – Advisen is pleased to introduce Underwriting Framework, a hosted solution that consolidates business information, analytics, and news into a pre-populated online risk assessment template for underwriters. Underwriting Framework, which resides in Advisen’s insite20twentyTM online platform, provides underwriters with a comprehensive solution to streamline the policy submission process and evaluate risk by leveraging numerous data points which have been aggregated in a customizable view.

Underwriting Framework enables insurers to maximize growth and profitability, enhance insights on insureds, apply best practices, and adhere to compliance and audit requirements. Clients can tailor their standard work-up to suit their needs. Additionally, refreshed company data is complemented by the underwriter’s notes from the prior year, expediting the renewal process.

Rick Hernandez, Advisen’s Executive Vice President of Product Management, said, “Underwriting Framework merges an efficient, customizable workflow with referenceable data points, providing underwriters the tools necessary to focus on the effective evaluation of new business opportunities.”

Underwriting Framework supports the underwriting process with a number of features, including:

  • The ability to augment pre-populated insured data with underwriting commentary, leveraging Advisen’s proprietary database of over 400,000 cases, events, and actions
  • Interactive graphics, such as a stock chart, which allow underwriters to identify significant events within a time series and drill down into the details of the event at the selected point in time
  • Comparison of the past performance of a selected company vs. peer companies to identify comparable exposures, as well as loss occurrences

Bill Keogh, CEO of Advisen, celebrating this release said, “The release of our Underwriting Framework marks a significant milestone for our clients.  It is the result of intense collaboration with our user base and understanding their needs and aspirations. We are pleased with the positive feedback we are receiving and the value being provided to our clients.”

Advisen will host a live webinar: Increase Underwriting Efficiency without Sacrificing the Art on Tuesday, April 18th at 11am EDT.

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