Arium and Advisen accelerate casualty accumulation studies

New strategic partnership harnesses loss data to propel predictive aspects of casualty catastrophe modeling

LONDON & NEW YORK – 14 July 2016 – Arium Limited, the specialist risk modeler to the insurance industry and Advisen, the leading provider of data, media, and technology solutions for the commercial property and casualty insurance market, today announced a strategic partnership to build casualty accumulation scenarios, using Advisen loss event data and Arium’s unique modelling tool, to assess insurance portfolio exposure to catastrophic casualty risk.

Arium has capitalized on the largest casualty clash catastrophe examples from Advisen’s database of high severity/low frequency losses to inform their realistic disaster scenarios (RDS) and create the world’s most effective tool to help insurance entities model their exposure to historic and emerging casualty catastrophes. As a result, Arium clients can now understand and stress test how their specific risk portfolios might be exposed to developing casualty accumulations.

“The Advisen data set is the best we’ve found for modeling historic casualty risk,” says Robin Wilkinson, CEO of Arium. “It has enabled us to develop multiple scenarios that can be stress tested and adjusted by clients, which include events such as Deepwater Horizon, the asbestos problem, Enron and LIBOR manipulation, ensuring scenarios are available that are directly relevant to most casualty risk portfolios.”

“Arium enables analysts and executives to visualize the business relationships that underlie casualty catastrophes and to map them to an insurer’s or a reinsurer’s own portfolio of casualty business,” explains Dave Bradford, Advisen co-founder and Director of Strategic Partnerships. “This partnership leverages the strengths of both companies to bring insurers and reinsurers an important new tool to manage their casualty accumulations.”


About Arium Ltd.

Arium is an independent company specialising in risk modelling and decision support. Underpinned by a problem-solving strategy that provides an innovative approach to risk modelling, Arium has successfully tackled problems that many analysts considered too complex or unpredictable to be usefully modelled.

Developed with support from a range of London Market participants, Arium’s Casualty Analytics Platform provides a modern, transparent approach to managing risk by looking forward as well as back, with transparent and easy to use functionality.


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About Advisen Ltd.

Advisen is the leading provider of data, media, and technology solutions for the commercial property and casualty insurance market. Advisen’s proprietary data sets and applications focus on large, specialty risks. Through Web Connectivity Ltd., Advisen provides messaging services, business consulting, and technical solutions to streamline and automate insurance transactions. Advisen connects a community of more than 200,000 professionals through daily newsletters, conferences, and webinars. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in New York City, with offices in the US and the UK. Visit to learn more.

Advisen’s loss database includes 325,000 loss events with more than 20,000 root causes that connect multiple events. This large volume of loss data is housed in a structured, relational database, and is mapped to 20 million insureds. Learn more about Advisen’s Excess Casualty Methodology.


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