‘You’re fired!’: Boards channel their inner Trump with poor reporting IT execs

By Josh Bradford on June 28, 2016

BayDynamicsBoards are putting IT and security executives on notice that cybersecurity is an issue they take very seriously. A new report from cyber risk analytics firm Bay Dynamics reveals that nearly 60 percent of board members say an IT security executive will lose their job if they fail to provide useful, actionable information.

According to the study, titled “How Boards of Directors Really Feel About Cybersecurity Reports,” nearly 90 percent of board members say they are very involved in making cyber risk decisions.  In fact, 26 percent said cyber risks are their highest priority.

The statistics illustrate just how important it is for IT and security executives to successfully analyze and communicate security metrics to the board.

“Companies are headed in the right direction when it comes to managing their cyber risk,” said Ryan Stolte, chief technology officer at Bay Dynamics. “As our latest study shows, the board is engaged and holding IT and security executives accountable for reducing risk.”

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