Catastrophes cost insurers $37 billion in 2015: Swiss Re

By Josh Bradford on April 4, 2016

swiss-re-logo-200x200Insured losses covered only 40 percent of the world’s total economic losses from all disasters, including natural and man-made events, according to Swiss Re’s sigma study released Wednesday.

Global insured losses totaled $37 billion in 2015, well below the previous 10-year average of $62 billion.

 “The relatively low level of losses was largely due to another benign hurricane season in the US,” said Swiss Re in the report. Last year was the tenth year in a row without a major hurricane finding landfall in the US.

North America had more insured losses than any other region at $17 billion. A mid-February winter storm that hit the Northeast was the biggest event causing an estimated $2 billion in damages.

Out of 353 disasters recorded in 2015, 198 were natural catastrophes, which accounted for $80 billion of the $92 billion total in economic losses.

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