Structuring Multinational Insurance

Eighty percent of mid- to large-size companies have some degree of multinational exposure, according to a recent study conducted by The Hartford. How can these firms mitigate risks that come with being a multinational company? What sophisticated multinational insurance solutions are available for the middle market? Find out in The Hartford’s and Advisen’s free, 6-page paper Structuring Multinational Insurance Programs for the Middle Market.

Designing insurance programs to respond with a multinational approach

As more U.S. companies pursue growth opportunities worldwide, the need for coordinated multinational insurance solutions has never been greater. It is essential, therefore, when developing a multinational insurance program, to develop a comprehensive understanding of what a business is doing, what drives it, and what risks are present.

Several factors should be considered especially since companies of all sizes that establish operations worldwide will find new exposures ranging from operational, financial, strategic, hazard, to regulatory. These companies benefit greatly from multinational insurance programs designed to respond in a way that is consistent with their objectives no matter where in the world a loss occurs.

Fortunately, there are now insurers bringing solutions to the middle market. Alfred Bergbauer, Head of Multinational Insurance, The Hartford, commented:

By bringing multinational capabilities to the middle market, we’re providing solutions to a much broader segment of the U.S. business community than has ever been done before.