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Upcoming Webinars

Apr 04,2019 -

Understanding the Rules of Policyholder Engagement: Risk Reduction, Relevance, New Revenue Streams and Retention

On Thursday, April 4, Advisen will host a CyberScout webinar that will explain how the insurance industry can leverage technology and services in the fight against emerging cyber risks.

Apr 24,2019

Cyber Risk Trends: Q1 2019

On Wednesday, April 24 at 11 AM Eastern, Advisen will host a free, one-hour webinar which will examine a litany of cyber risk trends derived from our proprietary database of cyber events.

Past Webinars

Oct 08,2014

Electronic Media Liability – A New Look to an Old Problem

Advisen hosted a webinar that discussed the evolution of electronic media exposure and the claims related to such exposure.

Oct 07,2014

Cyber Exposures of Small and Mid-Size Businesses – A digital pandemic

Advisen hosted a webinar and published a white paper that discusses the cyber threat landscape of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Oct 02,2014

Complete the Picture: A Spotlight on the EPLI Market

Advisen has worked with AIG to research and produce a ground-breaking report into the North American employment practices liability (EPL) insurance market for public and private companies.​ Using this research as a springboard, Advisen hosted a webinar to discuss the state of the market, including market size, buying patterns,...

Oct 01,2014

Winning & Retaining Clients via Loss Analytics

Advisen hosted a webinar that examined the current state of loss analytics and their role when competing for clients.

Sep 30,2014

Pilot vs Cockpit: Where’s the Fault in General Aviation Losses?

XL Group’s Eric Donofrio and Dave Kraus, Advisen’s Rebecca Bole, and a panel of experts examined the recent spate of tragic accidents in the air.

Sep 25,2014

Breach Response – Preparing for the Threat, Controlling the Chaos

Advisen hosted a webinar and released a white paper that explained why every part of a business including IT, marketing, customer service, legal, HR and executives need to be included in developing and exercising a breach response plan.

Sep 16,2014

State of the Environmental Insurance Market

Allied World's Marcel Ricciardelli, Advisen’s Dave Bradford and a panel of experts discussed the current state of the environmental insurance market.

Aug 19,2014

Beyond the headlines: the 2014 cyber wave hits Washington

Join Advisen's Cyber Risk Network Managing Editor, Chad Hemenway, and a panel of guests that will dig deeper into the stories that made 2014, including major data breaches, lawsuits and hacking scandals and ask how they have irreversibly shaped the perception of cyber risk in business, society and government.

Jul 24,2014

Quarterly D&O Claims Trends: Q2 2014

RT ProExec’s Kevin LaCroix, Marsh FINPRO’s Brenda Shelly, Swiss Re’s Paul Rodriguez, and Advisen’s Jim Blinn discussed the frequency and severity of securities suits in Q2 2014 and shared their insights on emerging trends on securities litigation.

Jul 22,2014

Cyber Sanity: Innovative Approaches to Data Security

Advisen hosted a free, one-hour webinar and paper sponsored by Absio Corp. to examine why traditional approaches to cybersecurity and online privacy fail, and offer a comprehensive approach to securing information that can radically simplify cybersecurity.

Jul 10,2014

Cloud Computing: Making it Work for Your Business

ACE Professional Risk’s Anthony Dagostino, Information Law Group’s David Navetta, ICSA Labs’ Vinny Sakore, and Advisen’s David Bradford discussed some of the risks and rewards of this ever-evolving technology, then focused on core risk mitigation practices - steps that can help companies capture the competitive advantages of the cloud,...

Jun 25,2014

Hacked! When Cyber Thieves Clean Out a Corporate Bank Account

Advisen will host a webinar and write a white paper that will examine corporate bank account takeovers.

Jun 24,2014

RMIS Selection Factors

On June 24, Origami Risk’s Earne Bentley, Catholic Health Initiative’s Director of Risk Management Support Services Bashar Jaafari, Bickmore’s Dave Tweedy, and Advisen’s David Bradford will discuss the internal and external factors that matter in RMIS selection.

Jun 03,2014

Breaking Murphy’s Law in a Network Security Breach

On June 3, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith’s John Mullen, NetDiligence’s Mark Greisiger, AllClear ID’s Bo Holland, Allied World’s Joshua Ladeau, and Advisen’s David Bradford offered insights on how companies can effectively prepare against a network security breach. This free, one-hour webinar is sponsored by Allied World.

Jun 03,2014

State of the European D&O Insurance Market

Zurich’s Lori Bailey and George Melides, Marsh’s Guillaume Deschamps, and Advisen’s David Bradford discussed key issues affecting the European D&O insurance market.

May 28,2014

State of the Commercial Property/Casualty Insurance Market in 2013

Advisen hosted a webinar and wrote a white paper that analyzed the U.S. P&C insurance market in 2013 and looked into trends expected in 2014.

May 21,2014

Data privacy laws: coming to a market near you?

On May 21, ACE’s Iain Ainslie, Hunton & Williams’ Bridget Treacy, Pen Test Partners’ Ken Munro, and Advisen’s Rebecca Bole discussed recent changes in privacy legislation across the globe and what they mean for risk managers. This free, one-hour webinar was sponsored by ACE.

May 20,2014

Traumatic Brain Injury Liability: What Education Institutions Need to Know

Advisen hosted a webinar and wrote a white paper that examine the traumatic brain injury (TBI) exposures faced by educational institutions.

Apr 24,2014

Quarterly D&O Claims Trends: Q1 2014

Advisen hosted a webinar and wrote a white paper that reviews the D&O claims trends for the first quarter of 2014. On April 24, Zurich’s Will Fahey, Aon’s Steve Shappell, RT ProExec’s Kevin LaCroix, and Advisen’s Jim Blinn discussed the frequency and severity of securities suits in Q1 2014...

Apr 23,2014

Global D&O Coverage for U.S. Director and Officers: What are the Options?

Advisen hosted a webinar and wrote a white paper that examine the risks to directors and officers of multinational companies. On April 23, ACE’s Robert Wolfe, Aon’s Lee Lindsay, and Advisen’s David Bradford discussed the multiple options available to manage these exposures — options that give companies the choice...

Apr 01,2014

Drilling Down on Hydrofracking

Webinar Topics What is hydrofracking, and why do risk management and insurance professionals care? What are some of the benefits and risks of hydrofracking? How is hydrofracking regulated now, and what regulatory aspects are on the horizon? What does the legal landscape look like for hydrofracking? Can any trends...

Mar 31,2014

The Fundamentals of Cyber Risk and Insurance

Network security has rapidly become a significant issue to the senior decision makers of many organizations. But for many people with risk management and insurance buying responsibilities, it is a new and rapidly changing area of risk. A panel of experts reviewed the cyber security issues of greatest concern...

Mar 06,2014

Insurance Capacity and Coverage Considerations in a Robust Energy Market

Advisen hosted a webinar and wrote a white paper that discuss the latest liability trends and implications inherent in the shale oil boom and the associated drilling intensity. On March 6, Aspen’s Tony Carroll, Aon’s Kurt Tentinger, Mound Cotton’s Costantino Suriano, and Advisen’s David Bradford discussed questions, including: What...

Feb 13,2014

The Liability Implications of Healthcare Reform

  Advisen hosted a webinar and wrote a white paper that examines the forces at work in the healthcare sector and how they are changing the liability exposures of hospitals and other healthcare organizations. On February 13, OneBeacon’s Kim Holmes, Gallagher Healthcare’s Beth Berger, and Advisen’s David Bradford discussed...

Feb 04,2014

D&O Claim Trends: 2013 Wrap-up and Possibilities for 2014

Advisen hosted a webinar and wrote a white paper that looks back over 2013 to report on the frequency and severity of securities suits. On February 4, RT ProExec’s Kevin LaCroix, Marsh FINPRO’s Jack Flug, QBE’s Dennis Kearns, and Advisen’s Jim Blinn analyzed the D&O claims trends in 2013...

Dec 12,2013

Specialty Lines: End-of-Year Wrap-up

Advisen hosted a webinar and wrote a white paper that reviews the trends and developments in specialty lines insurance in 2013. On December 12, OneBeacon’s Paul Romano, AmWINS’ Dave Lewison, Betterley Risk Consultants’ Rick Betterley, and Advisen’s David Bradford provided insight into the state of specialty lines in 2014...

Dec 10,2013

Getting The Most Out of Your WC Cost Containment Strategies

Advisen hosted a webinar that discussed underleveraged, underutilized and/or alternate approaches to workers compensation Cost Containment Strategies (CCS).

Oct 17,2013

Quarterly D&O Claims Trends – Q3 2013

Advisen hosted a webinar and wrote a white paper that look into D&O claims trends in the third quarter of 2013. On October 17, AIG’s Rich Dziedziula, Peabody and Arnold’s Joseph O’Neil, RT Specialty’s Kevin LaCroix, and Advisen’s Jim Blinn reviewed D&O Claims Trends during Q3 2013. This free, one-hour...