2017 Cyber Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Service Providers

cyber-provider-guide-150x194Advisen is proud to release the first edition of the Advisen Cyber Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Service Providers. The 132-page interactive PDF publication is believed to be the largest single source of cyber service providers to date. Through this guide, Advisen offers buyers of cyber services the most comprehensive, independent guide to the service providers available in the market and the products they offer.

It features 88 providers from around the globe and features a section of exclusive interviews with some of the industry’s top brokers!



Getting to Know the Cyber Service Providers in the Market

The Advisen Cyber Guide comes at a very appropriate time. Organizational cybersecurity and risk management needs are growing as cyber threats proliferate. With the number of new service providers flowing into the cybersecurity and cyber insurance marketplace at an unprecedented pace, Advisen came up with an interactive reference to enable readers to look at cyber service providers by name and category. The guide empowers buyers—without ranking or judgment—to make informed decisions when looking for vendors to protect, detect and respond to cyber threats.

Cyber provider profiles are categorized by insurance carrier, cybersecurity software provider, forensic & cyber investigations, insurance data and analytics, legal services, notification/credit monitoring, pre-breach cybersecurity consultants, public relations/crisis communications, and training.

This first edition is the start of something significant and valuable. Advisen’s vision is for this product to grow and evolve. Download the 2018 version of the guide that has double the number of service providers.

Download the 2017 Cyber Guide


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